MEKANIKA offers customized and high reliability equipment for the evacuation of the hot slag of the E.A.F. The operators promptly remove slag from the steelmaking facility. The slag is then loaded and transported to the MEKANIKAís processing site. After the slag has been cooled, cranes gather with magnets the large pieces of metal from the slag. The pit scrap is then further processed, and transported back to the melt shop. The clean, sized pit scrap is recycled as part of the scrap charge. The remaining material from the slag is fed into magnetic separation and screening systems which recovers valuable residual metallics for the melt shop. Recovery systems expertise and operating efficiencies improve customerís profitability by maximizing the reclamation of valuable metalics.

As a result the over-all raw materials costs are reduced by substituting clean, high quality, reclaimed metal for out side purchased scrap.

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