MEKANIKA has been established in 1964 at GREECE and since then offers a wide range of material handling capabilities with respect to resource recovery and industrial services to the steel industry. Using state of the art technologies and customized equipment, MEKANIKA recovers, transports, processes and recycles steel plants by-products on a long-term service basis.

MEKANIKA operates and maintains systems to provide the best material handling services and recover metallics and convert all the by-products, generated by steel plants, into value-added materials. We custom design each system to meet our customer’s unique needs and to smoothly integrate our services into their production process.

MEKANIKA‘s experience is based on about half of century of solid operation to provide an uninterrupted flow of services with highly skilled personnel and modern, well-maintained equipment. Our customers can focus their resources on critical production activities. MEKANIKA carefully studies the operations of the steel plant and custom designs a comprehensive program for removing, transporting and processing slag. Our equipment is designed to offer the flexibility of handling material at any still plant.

To archive the smoothest operation, the company has been divided in three sectors, SCRAP MANAGEMENT, SLAG EVACUATION & TREATMENT and PORT SERVICES.

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